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You could expand beyond food topics allowing you to ramble on about anything (like I do!). Here are some things I am curious about:

1)What do you eat for breakfast, lunch dinner?
2) I'm curious about what you make when you come home tired from work...?
3) favorite foods from childhood?
4) first time a boy (Bill?) made dinner for you? What did he make?
5) Cakes of your life.
6) Where you shop for food.
7) Overrated restaurants.
8) Lost recipes - things you loved but can't find a recipe for. Mine is "strawberry pop cake" that my grandma's neighbor used to make every time we came to visit Iowa.
9) Do you plan meals, or just respond to available ingredients at the store?
10) Food you are embarrassed to love.

There! Ten weeks of posts. Get to work! ;)

Thanks for the very thoughtful comments...I appreciate the ideas. I think you are right about the expansion beyond food topics. It is easy to get stuck in a rut and there is a lot of repetitiveness in the food blog world. I am planning on branching out!

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